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Large scale Carbon Nanotube Sheet lamination system

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Solarno Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes for Supercapacitors

Pyrolysis of electrospun polymers produces a highly permeable, nonwoven mat of carbon nanofibers that allows fast electrolyte ion transport. Subsequent activation increases micro- and mesopore volume, resulting in a higher effective surface area. Addition of low-cost pore-forming agents to the polymer precursor solution or use of polymer precursors with high free volume further increases the effective surface area. The final result is a micro/meso/macroporous 3D interconnected network that does not require a binder. The choice of thermal treatment conditions dictates surface functionality which can be tuned to optimize wettability of a specific electrolyte and minimize unstable faradaic processes. Ionic liquids are the electolyte class of choice because of their wider electrochemical stability window, high thermal stability, and low vapor pressure.




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