Solarno was founded by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). It has a mission of development and commercialization of emerging nano-technologies, nano-materials for lighting solutions, advanced solar cells devices, supercapacitors and solar water heaters.  I

As a spin-off company from the University of Texas at Dallas, Solarno is an exclusive licensee of technology and patents-pending developed at UTD, including application of UTD’s carbon nanosheet material.  Solarno has a policy to perform research and development work in close cooperation with NanoTech Institute, University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), and other universities and high-tech companies in our area. An essential part of technological and experimental work on this project will be performed employing facilities and equipment available in NanoTech Institute.

Our Vision

To accomplish this, Solarno will make use of state-of-the-art nanotechnology-based materials and processes, both in improving efficiency and in achieving low-cost, highly-manufacturable, reliable devices. The development objectives of the R&D work at Solarno include (1) the development of multi-junction high-efficiency devices, (2) the development of flexible, highly conductive, highly transparent CNT sheets for use as conductive layers in the devices, (3) the incorporation of these into low-cost, reliable manufacturing processes and products, and (4) the dissemination of these products and processes into the marketplace through strategic licensing with development partners, as well as through product sales.
Our experienced team has already demonstrated parallel tandem architectures of two organic solar cells and two organic light emitting diodes with different colors. Solarno has successfully carried out several SBIR/STTR Phase I projects in the areas of OPVs, OLEDs and supercapacitors. Our experienced team has already demonstrated that CNT sheets are excellent alternative electrodes and interconnecting layers in tandem organic solar cells and organic light emitting diodes.








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